Accenture Tower Top 10

I have had the pleasure of working at Accenture’s downtown Minneapolis for a couple weeks now, something that I haven’t done since joining the firm in August 2005.  Sure a couple things have changed in that time (what happened to the flavored coffee machine?!), but I’ve really come to appreciate working downtown again.  I couldn’t be happier with ACN, and below are my top 10 reasons to enjoy working at the downtown tower.

  1. Accenture recently went “green” in the cafeteria, and no longer provides paper coffee cups.
  2. Coffee and Tea are free all day.
  3. Friday’s are like mini-reunions, where all your friends who travel work at the office together.
  4. Black Bamboo Restaurant just announced $1 Mondays, where nothing on the menu is over a buck.
  5. Even through tough economic times, ACN stays focused on keeping the dream alive:  Happy Hours every first Friday of the month.
  6. I can take the skyways all the way here from home, and don’t have to suffer the snow in my dodge neon.
  7. Eddington’s is in walking distance, and I’m one punch away from a free bottomless bowl.
  8. Only one email address to maintain.  It was nice to retire the client email account.
  9. Plenty of empty desks, so no need to share cubes with another co-worker.
  10. I feel like I work for ACN again, something that is very easy to forget when staffed at a client site for 4 years.

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