neim0003 is quasi-gourmet



Ok, I apologize but this post is really just me bragging.  Four years ago a co-worker introduced me to the ingenious comedy of Aaron Karo (if you don’t subscribe to his newsletter yet, you are missing out!) and I’ve been reading his ruminations every since.  On his website though, he lets readers write their own quips on life and people can vote if they think it is “gourmet” enough to make it to his column.  I try to post whenever I think of something funny (that didn’t come from Ross, Jon Stewart, or Rothstein first), and something finally got noticed.  The funny thing is, it’s not even that funny compared to my other posts, but I guess everyone else at is sick of Larry the Cable Guy too.  Check out for more.   I know 26 gourmet points aren’t much, but if you think I’m mildly funny (aka not annoying), go check out my posts and rate them gourmet too!  This put a smile on my face, and hopefully yours too.  🙂

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