Rules of Life: Driving

Image result for ludicrous speed

Ludicrous speed, go

  • Rules of Life #6: The speed limit always comes with a 10% contingency
  • Rules of Life #7: If you have cruise control on, you have the right of way.
  • Rules of Life #8: When stop signs are every block, rolling through is justified
  • Rules of Life #9: Flashing brights once means one of your headlights is out. Flashing twice means your lights are off completely.
  • Rules of Life #10: If I can hear your loud music through your closed doors, my closed doors, and over my loud music … your music is too damn loud.
  • Rules of Life #11: In-dash DVD players should never have been allowed and are hereby banned from the road.
  • Rules of Life #12:  The spoiler is NEVER allowed to be higher than the car itself.  Additionally, spoilers have no place on pickup trucks.
  • Rules of Life #13: Spinning hubcaps on a hummer are cool.  Spinning hubcaps on an oldsmobile are not.

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