Captain Jack did not get me high that night

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Ok, I can’t complain too much about getting free tickets (thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Modell!) to see a Tony Award winning Musical … but I’ll complain about the show all I want.  Lindsey and I went to see this last Saturday (sorry to the 4 birthday parties we ditched), and it was, well … crap on a stick.  Did Broadway send its D-list dancers?  Was that the understudy to the understudy to the Piano Man?  With the exception of the bald guy who played the Cop/Sergeant … everyone was pretty much drek awful.  It didn’t help that this is NOT a musical, but actually just a ballet with a Billy Joel soundtrack.  Nor did it help that “We Didn’t Start the Fire” sounded more like a mountain of baby kittens on fire.  Seriously, that bad.  The saving grace was that the music was fun to listen to live, it was great to be at the Orpheum, and Lindsey and I viewed the other shows coming this year.  Phantom of the Opera, A Chorus Line, Riverdance, Rain … great lineup for 2009!

Bottom line.  This show will not put a smile on your face.  Spend the dough on a few good drinks at the lobby bar instead.  🙂

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