Ghostwriters. “So there we were…”

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“So there we were: Me, Scott, ghostwriter tongue, and the boy with the guitar.”

In an attempt to more fully integrate myself and friends to the world of Web 2.0, has officially announced that is is now outsourcing!

Although I admit the primary use of the blog is to record my daily thoughts to share with anyone (or no one) interested, a close secondary goal is to learn how to integrate myself more into the tools and skills of today’s Web 2.0 world.  And, with the growing success of HelloNeiman!, some friends have become more interested in the world of blogging (something I too was eager to learn about, and owe big thanks to Craig for helping to get me started!).  So, there have been recent requests for ghostwriters and guest-spots to the blog from friends who are not ready to take the leap themselves, but willing to test the waters of their online prose.

Therefore, while I am on vacation in Florida this weekend with Lindsey and the fam, HelloNeiman! will be bringing you exciting guest editorials from ghostwriters and friends.  If you like it, let the guest-bloggers know, or they may be unwilling to put pen to paper … er, finger to keyboard, again!

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