Herzl Camp Alumni Weekend Registration is Open!

Registration is open!!!  As you may know, Herzl Camp is hosting an Alumni Camp Weekend this year from August 7-9 in Webster. Given the changes Herzl is preparing for, this may be our last chance to once again experience a Herzl Camp Shabbat like when we were kids/staff. It is also a great opportunity to not only give back to and support a place we all know and love but will allow all those spouses and significant others the chance to see what we have been talking about all these years.

So, here is the deal. Camp is for those 21 and over only. Registration opened on the Herzl Camp website YESTERDAY!  Here are the costs:

  • Orange Cabin – $120/person
  • Cabin (Gimel-Zayin)- $130/person
  • Marp – $160/person
  • Beit Chai (Chadar) Shared bathroom – $175/person
  • Beit Chai (Chadar) Private bathroom – $185/person
  • There is also the option to where you can choose your cabinmates for the weekend: Orange Cabin – $130/person, Cabin – $135/person.

So, tell all your family and friends who are Herzl Camp alumni. Let’s fill camp so we not only have an amazing weekend but also put some money into our summer home from back in the day. Please give this information to everyone else you think would be interested!

Thanks to Alex Locke for originally posting this on his blog.

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