Ghostwriter Ellen Berdass Feldman

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Three choices for a night in with “class”

“30 Min or Less”

I recently requested that write more relevant restaurant reviews for those of us who are looking for a great night out.  Since I am an avid reader of the blog and spend as much time telling my friends about it as I do myself reading it, I knew I had to post my own entry.  I could never do it the justice that Neiman does, but had to give it my best shot.  So here are my thoughts on restaurants for the family man and woman looking to make dinner work while still raising young children.

  • Papa Johns sucks. But at least you can order online.
  • Pizza Hut sucks.  But at least you can get thin crust in pie slices.
  • Domino’s sucks.  But at least you can watch your order evolve online.  And they have cini-stix.

This post was ghostwritten by Ellen Berdass Feldman

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