Oye, its Passover

and on the 8th day, the lord created kosher vodka

Once a year, Jews all over the world hang their heads in pain and cry out for fewer products to be made from grains or corn syrup.  That day(s) is upon us, as last night we welcomed the holiday of Passover to our homes.  For the next 8 days, “celebrating” this holiday means removing all forms of Chametz and Kitniyot from my home and diet.  Loosely translated, that means no eating bread or grains (Chametz) or anything that can be made to rise in an oven or confused for bread (Kitniyot).  In case you didn’t catch that, it means NO BEER!

But don’t worry, the Rabbi’s over at http://www.Kashrut.com have been aware of this tragedy and provided a list of all kosher l’Pesach foods and ingredients to satisfy all cravings.  And as for that after-work drink we all need, it doesn’t have to Manischewitz all week people, there are options!  Three Olives makes a nice grape vodka, and i’ll happily relax with my feet up on the table and a cold glass of Chopin Potato Vodka.  L’chaim!

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