A typical night with Jonah and Caleb

“you can have a wittle wick of my wollipop”

I know I hinted that I’d post about Government and DC today, but now that its the client, a quick ethics gut-check tells me I’m probably better off not going down that road…

So instead, let me enlighten you with how I spent my night last night.  Being in DC makes it really easy to see Devorah, Kevin, and the boys, and I am hoping to be able to make it out to Potomac once a week to catch up with the family.  Last night we had a pizza dinner with Jonah, while Caleb showed off his new ability to giggle and smile uncontrollably.  Jonah got a cute haircut (picture above) and was enjoying his lollipop reward from mom and dad first, but that quickly changed to a sugar-high desire to play toys.  Over the next hour, we played with a dump-truck that he could take apart with a toy drill and a stuffed rat that would poop hamburgers and tomatoes.  Caleb learned how to sniffle and could be heard giggle-sniffing all night.  Although he’s still a big baby, he has started filling in his rolls of skin and doesn’t look so chunky anymore.  Between that and the smiles, he is looking damn cute these days.

It will be great being able to see the boys more as they grow up, I’m really looking forward to this part most over the next year.

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