iPhone or Palm Pre … which would you choose?

iPhone Hitman Hatton vs. Palm Pre Pacquiao

After following the expected release of the Palm Pre and webOS for 9 months now, I am all of a sudden thrown into a quandary.  My personal cell phone plan has always been Sprint, and I have been a faithful Palm fan since the infamous Sigma Alpha Palm club of Visor Handsprings back in 2000.  I have not been anti-iPhone, but when its not an option, I have really let my excitement bottle up for the Pre release.

But oh what a dilemma!  I recently received an email from work asking employees not to re-sign any contracts for personal cell phone carriers because we are all getting corporate phones with free minutes through AT&T.  Long story short, I now have the option of the iPhone for $50 a month, or the Palm Pre for $50 a month (my current cost with our family plan).

I’ve been building up the Pre for months, and I’m definitely excited for it … but dare I get both?  I know I can’t be content with just an iTouch, I want a device that does it all, and as Debra told me, “the iTouch is like foreplay without the sex”.  So what would you choose if you were me?  Post your vote!

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