LOST, this is really starting to hurt


This season has been a welcomed change to the LOST storyline.  Season’s 1 and 2 were amazing, we pretend 3 never happened, and 4 started us back in the right direction.  But this season is so far and beyond anything we’ve previously expected that it literally hurts to keep up.  Especially these last couple weeks since Faraday returned.  He was the glue of season 5, keeping our sanity in check with his physics theories and journal computations.  There are so many questions and issues with time travel, that Faraday’s concept of “we can’t change the future” has held all 5 seasons in check.  And the show has done a good job of using that to explain some of the past 100 episodes.

However, with the killing of Faraday, the exposure of the temple, and the eminent bomb detonation, and 3 timelines to keep in consideration … my head literally hurts trying to keep this show in perspective.  I had to stop this last week’s episode 5 times just to do a reality check on why someone popped up where they did.  Wait, what?  Sayid is in 1977?  Oh yeah.   With Richard being in both story-lines at once (and a 3rd, if you count him helping John’s bullet wound) … he’s no longer the constant anymore, but a pawn of everyone else.

Lastly, I am NOT happy with the way they appear to be deciding to end this season.  The only reason I’ve accepted the time-travel plot is because of Faraday’s explanation that “”you can’t change the future””.  But now?  Now you can all of a sudden?  They had better not end the show for good with a detonated H-bomb and everyone wakes up again on Oceanic flight 815 in 2004 as if nothing happened.  This is not a dream sequence that can go poof and disappear.  This is 6 years of my obsessive life, and it had better blow my fucking brains out when it finally finishes.  I want every loose end, every question, ever connection tied up and completed by this time next year.  And honestly, if they don’t, we may have the biggest riot in TV viewer history.  I know you are all in agreement with me.  Get cracking ABC, we want answers, and we want them done right.  To name just a few…

  • What does “”What lies in the shadow of the statue”” mean?
  • Who is Jacob really?
  • Why doesn’t Richard age?  And who the F* is he really??
  • What is the temple?  And its Egyptian connection?
  • Who built the statue?  And what does it mean?
  • What is the black smoke really?
  • Why did the others originally come to the island?
  • What is the point of the Dharma Initiative really?
  • 4 8 15 16 23 42 … why are they so bad??
  • Why does Juliet never care about anything that ever happens?
  • Why is Locke alive again, how is the island able to heal people?
  • What is the wheel and why does it move time and change the island
  • And last but not least … whatever happened to the dog?

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