Counting Crows to Headline Basilica Block Party

Adam, we know you love this new Twitter phenomenon, but please keep the CountingCrows tweets to less than 10 in a row, I’m begging you.  You’re killing my text message inbox!

But I do know that one of the best things this summer is bringing is an affordable Counting Crows concert at the Basilica Block Party on June 11th.  Being a downtown native, I’m a huge fan of the BPP and the festival of people and talent that shows up for the weekend festival.  The last time the crows played it was when I lived at LV with Fineman back in 2003, so it will be fun to see them on stage again post their Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings album.

Even though that weekend is already jam-packed (Herzl Camp board meeting, Twins/White Sox series), I am definitely planning to TRY to do it all.  Why everything this summer has to occur the weekend of July 10th-12th, I don’t know!  I know some of you out there are other BPP regulars like me and will be looking forward to it, so I’ll keep you posted on my status.  And to answer your question … no, The Who are not opening for them nor are they going to come on stage for “Hanging Around”.  The list of performers, ticket prices, and additional info can be found at the link above.  Anyone else planning to go at least one of the days?

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