The 5 Stages of LOST Grief

The Hanso Foundation … for Grieving Audiences

Spoiler Alert!  Do not watch unless caught up through Season 5 finale.

Whew.  Wow.  Well.  Season 5 has come to an end, and this guy has a few thoughts to share.  To put this season into perspective, it is only natural that we compare our emotions to that of the common stages of grief.  Before I share my dissected theories with you on Jacob, the bomb, and more … let’s reflect on what we all went through to get here.  It has been a grueling 4 months, and each of the past 16 episodes was definitely worth watching.  But much like grief, here are how the 5 phases broke down:

  1. Shock:  Time Travel?  Really?!  That is soooooo cool!  This will explain everything.  The Black Rock ended up on the mountain top because when the island traveled back in time, it literally reappeared underneath it.
  2. Pain:  1977, 2004, 2007 … I can’t keep track of it all.  Oh shit, now they killed Faraday?!  He was the only one that could make sense of what’s happening!  I’ve never read more quantum physics and space-time continuum theories than I am right now, my brain is killing me!
  3. Anger:  What the hell!  They are wasting a perfectly good chance to explain the Dharma initiative’s history.  It’s been 12 weeks and they still haven’t told us why they are there, who they are, or what the purpose really is!!  This whole season has been a waste!  And now, after 3 years, when we finally get to see Jacob … you kill him?!  F you guys!!  Not to mention you just threw my Black Rock solution out the window in the first 2 minutes of the finale.  I hate you LOST, I really do.
  4. Reflection:  Ok, it’s been a week since the finale, and I’ve had time to read up on LOSTpedia, discuss theories with friends, and put some of this into perspective.  I don’t like what they did with Jacob, but next season will focus on him explicitly, that should be good.  There is a purpose to this whole season, they just aren’t going to show us until the season premiere next January.  (sigh) ok.
  5. Acceptance:  16 episodes left, whether I like it or not, this is all that’s left.  Let’s hope they know how to tie up the 934,134,879,430 loose ends.  Fingers crossed, this is going to work.

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