iPhone vs. Palm Pre: the final countdown comparison

For those of you STILL undecided about which phone to end up with, I have compiled an easy to read chart comparing all the perks of the new iPhone 3GS announced yesterday to the Palm Pre released last Saturday.  The media seems to think this was an easy win for iPhone, though not exactly sure they have their facts right.  I am 99% confident on my facts above, and although I know I tend to be biased, I tried to be honest about the pros and cons of each.  It’s funny, but realistically these phones are more or less identical.  Each has its perks that the other doesn’t, and each appeal to a different type of individual.  Honestly, it really comes down to three things at this point:

  1. Carrier and talk-plan preferences (if on own, simply everything plan for $99 at Sprint is winner, but when you add family plans, minute usage, etc. this can be skewed)
  2. App Store development/availability (iPhone has quite the head start here)
  3. Personal preference.  What are your needs vs. wants

I love the Palm Pre and it has given Sprint 2 more contracted years for me and my family, but I have nothing against the iPhone and if was forced to switch to AT&T would be just as content. Ok, and with that, I’m done blogging on phones for a while.  It’s time to get back to the fun stuff of parties, movies, birthdays, and Internet buzz.  🙂

iPhone 3GS Palm Pre Winner
16 GB iPhone = $199 8 GB iPhone = $199 iPhone
Turn-by-turn GPS, through TomTom App (monthly charge no doubt) Turn-by-turn GPS, through Sprint Navigation (Free) Palm
Cut and Paste capability Cut and Paste capability Equal
Remote Wipe of data to a lost/stolen phone Remote Wipe of data to a lost/stolen phone Equal
Video Recording and Editing software No Video Recording software yet (previously on palm devices) iPhone
Voice Activated Controls (phone and music) No Voice Activated controls yet (previously on palm devices) Equal
Compass App No Compass App yet iPhone
Portrait and Landscape Soft Keyboard Slide out Physical QWERTY Keyboard Palm
Handicap Accessibility Apps Hearing Aid compatible, for now iPhone
Tethering capable, but not allowed Tethering capable, but not allowed Equal
9 hours talk time (official statement) 6 hours talk time (I think, can’t find official statement) iPhone
MMS capable MMS capable Equal
4.52″ x 2.44″ x 0.49″ 3.9″ x 2.3″ x 0.67″ Palm
4.7 oz. 4.76 oz. Equal
App Store has 50,000+ applications available App Catalog has 20+ applications available iPhone
3 mp Camera 3 mp Camera Equal
Security code enabled to turn on Security Code enabled to turn on Equal
One application open at once Multiple applications run simultaneously Palm
EAS, IMAP, POP functionality (only 1 EAS at a time) Synergy of multiple EAS, IMAP, POP accounts simultaneously Palm
Average plan cost = $129 $99 Simply Everything plan Palm
Non-removable battery Removable battery Palm
iPhone 6, Palm 7, Henry still 0


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