Scarborough takes on Stewart. When will the Media learn??

“I like my news like I like my coffee, watered down and stupid.” -Jon Stewart

News flash for all the dumb media “professionals” that graduated with a 2.8 Communications Bachelor of Arts and expect to be taken seriously … DON’T F*CK WITH THE DAILY SHOW.  You have to be pretty dumb to take on a comedic giant like Jon Stewart and The Daily Show (with his “90-some writers”) from your meager morning news talk show.  You are lucky to have the viewers you have, and it won’t do you any good to mock the guy who gets more write-in votes during a presidential election than the green party.  The above clip was the latest attempt to take him on head-to-head, and for those of you who watched The Daily Show this week … it was damn fun to watch Jon Stewart take him down each night.  Can’t wait to see if Scarborough tried to come back yet again and give Stewart the TKO.

This is why Stewart feels it necessary to, at least once a year, remind everyone that he is a fake news program.  He is specifically here to mock, poke, and have fun with the news and more specifically … the people who give it.  His show is devoted to picking fun at people like Scarborough, Kramer, O’Reilly, Crossfire and the likes.   He doesn’t care if you get the news, he just wants to mock and have fun with the news.  And this is why I watch him every day for my current event updates.

(click the “Crossfire” link above for Jon Stewart’s best banter with the Media to date)

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