Caleb and Uncle Neiman’s morning fun


Because of Andy and Amber’s wedding this weekend (woo hoo!), I stayed at Devorah and Kevin’s place last night.  It was fun hanging out at night like usual, but I forgot how much fun the morning is here with the boys.  Devorah had to go grocery shopping and left my chunky nephew with me for a short babysit.  In the half hour we played together, Caleb managed to drool all over my shorts, eat 4 toys, create a cry/laugh that confused the hell out of me, and pose for some very cute ball-pit photos.  And yes, the Berman boys have their very own chuck-e-cheese style ball pit, which I am completely jealous of!  So we took a few photos of the chunker covered in balls while big-brother Jonah slept, and a couple of them came out very cute.

P.S.  These were taken with my new Palm Pre:-)

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