G-Money and Nubian 3 headed to the NYC

“Fascinating! Semmi, look at this! America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free, one can throw trash on the streets!”

It’s been a long week here in DC, but I’m headed to the big apple tomorrow with Grant to show those Yankees (Hage, that is a historical, not baseball, reference) how well the Midwest Movement can party it up in the big city.  Going to see Letterman and Fallon, hitting up every Kosher deli in walking distance, hit up Broadway, check out the infamous NY club scene, pop in on some old family and friends, and basically have the usual weekend debacles … only this time drinks are twice as much, the streets are twice as crowded, and my 3 am Big Mac run will be twice as delicious.

New York City.  Since I’ve never really been there, I am sure I will fall in love and want to move there.  It happened with DC, it happened with Chi-town, it’s bound to happen with NY.  I think the bottom line is that I just can not be happy in a small-town wannabe downtown city like Minneapolis.  It’s time to see what a real night on the town is like in the city that brought us Gordon Gecko, Peter Parker, and Ninja Turtles.  Cowabunga NYC, let’s do this!

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