Eurotrip? Hello Neiman!

So funny story.  First it was the Appalachian Trail (sorry Benjie), then Australia, then almost Hawaii, and finally settled on Europe.  This September, Hello Neiman is finally adding “dirty American scum” to my list of personality traits.  Last night we finished finalizing the plans for my 4 country, 10 day European vacation with Mirra.  Rome/Vatican, Interlaken/Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam … yeah its a lot in a little time, but after 28 years, its about time I saw the red light district.

Basic itinerary is set (meaning trains and hostels/hotels booked), but I’m looking for fun things to do and since everyone else I know went to Europe without me, fill me in on the must see’s and do’s while there!  I’m thinking I’ll have to relive the path of the Illuminati in Rome, kill a Caesar at the Colosseum, go Canyoning in Interlaken, buy a hotel in Bratislava for a nickel, drink a bottle of $500 French wine and pass out spread eagle in front of the Eiffel Tower, and at minimum … kick 3 robot dancers in the balls.

I’m ready for Europe, but is Europe ready for me?

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