Counting the days to Counting the Crows

Saturday Nights     

This weekend is going to be a bit crazy people!  Since there won’t be more than an hour of free time between Friday evening and Monday morning, I better use today’s post to tell you about all the mishigas that is planned to occur over the next 5 days.

Friday night Lindsey and I are going to the Twins/White Sox game at the Dome, after which I am hoping to celebrate the victory with some cool beverages of choice.  If the weather is nice, Saturday is boating on Lake Minnetonka, the Basilica Block Party, and Kieran’s bachelor party in St. Paul, Sunday is the summer board meeting and visitors day at Herzl, and Sunday night dinner with the grandparents … (sigh) it hurts just writing it.

However, as I mentioned, this Saturday is the 2009 Basilica Block Party, which I announced months ago is headlined by the Counting Crows.  Lindsey and I have our tickets already (but if anyone else is looking for tix, my friend Amber has 2 for sale, just shoot me an email), and are ecstatic to see the crows in MN again.  The last time they played the BBP was 2003 and I was in DC for the weekend, which forced me to miss my one and only Minnesota Counting Crows concert since really discovering them in 1998.  If the weather is nice, this concert will be tough to beat.  The new album is still on my top 3 for everyday listening, and although I can no longer pick favorites with the Crows … the tracks above (Insignificant) and below (Washington Square), are two of the best from the new album that really represent its name and meaning.  Enjoy and hopefully I’ll see you at the show Saturday Night (and Sunday Morning).  🙂

and Sunday Mornings.


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