Minneapolis Chainsaw Massacre?

this … is my BOOM stick!

Does anyone know anything about chainsaws?  I have to pick one up for our cabin up north and although I am much more “handy” than most of my other Jewish friends, I regret to admit my lack of knowledge on this tool.  Personally, I’d rather use an axe and get in a good Rocky 4 type workout when cutting up extra wood … but according to Aunt Patti, there is much too much wood to be cut for that type of manual labor.  So, I ask again, does anyone know what is good?

I’m thinking for under $100 bucks I should be able to get something to help cut already fallen trees into firewood-sized logs.  My uncle said an 18″ gas saw (the Wild Thing) would be best, but what about electric is bad?  and does it have to be a Stihl or are other brands just as good?

Lastly, anyone selling, or am I headed to Home Depot next weekend?

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