Prepare ship for Luna-crous speed!

The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women

The Westin Hotel has been very kind in providing breakfast and snacks for the Accenture folks staying each week there, but I believe the time has come to speak out against the sexist atrocity at hand.  After a few weeks of being starved at the DLA office for midday snacks, I realize the concierge lounge had snacks and energy bars in stock for patrons.  Last month I was delighted to have a very manly Cliff Bar or childhood-reminiscent Nutrigrain bar to tide me over after lunch.

However, lately things have changed.  My options for many weeks now have been nothing but Luna bars.  A Luna Bar?  Isn’t that the energy bar for women?  Yep, right on the package it says “The Whole Nutrition Bar for Women”.  Never have I been so sexually assaulted by corporate America.  I feel the need to voice my outrage publically and will, therefore, be holding a political protest sit-in at the 8th floor concierge of the Westin hotel tomorrow morning.  I will not leave the comforts of free food, drink, and cable television until my voice has been heard and action has been taken.

“Eclipse the Luna, Bring back the rise of Cliff!”

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