“I don’t like repeat offenders, I like dead offenders”

Lindsey sent me this video yesterday and I had to laugh.  Of all the things to get worked up about, this is probably the least of my concerns these days, but there are those that are emotionally adamant that we should be allowed to judge right and wrong on their own and justify going out and killing people in “defense”.  In geeky cliche form, I have to agree with most superhero comics that the world does not need masked vigilantes to take justice into their own hands.  Ted Nugent may not be masked, and definitely not a superhero, but shouldn’t efforts be made to crack down on the injustice of the political system and crime prevention rather than the right to take up arms?

I don’t need a gun.  I don’t want a gun.  I have no desire to shoot a gun.  What I want is a system of law enforcement and judicial action that doesn’t give us any reason to think we do.  And with that I pass…

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