New Song?! New Album?! Hello Bon Jovi!!

Not only did I not know Bon Jovi was working on a new album for this year, but had no clue it is almost done and set to release on November 10th!!!  I need to start following a better Bon Jovi twitter account because it wasn’t until today that #backstageJBJ informed me of the news article below:

NEW YORK, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ — 2009 has turned into a landmark year like no other for legendary Island Records group Bon Jovi, and now the band is launching their new single, “We Weren’t Born To Follow” an upbeat positive anthem which premiered on the radio Tuesday, August 18th. “We Weren’t Born To Follow” is the first single pick from the band’s new studio album, THE CIRCLEin stores November 10th.

What the hell?!  Where was I??  This song is a great start to another upbeat album produced by the same person who did Have a Nice Day and Lost Highway.  I’ve had a fun “party summer” of music ranging from Flo Rida to Black Eyed Peas to Sean Kingston, but its time to get back to my roots and start the hype for the newest Bon Jovi album to add to my collection.  Play the video above to listen to one of the songs!

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