Europe 2009: Rome’s Ultimate Party

20 Euros, 100 people, 6 bars, no pants

Today starts the first of my European Vacation planning posts.  Since I will be hard pressed to post blogs about what I am doing while on my travels, I can at least prepare for my trip by telling you what I plan to do – plus it gets me excited for my upcoming adventures!

I officially leave for Europe in 10 days, and the first leg of the trip brings me to Roma, Italia.  Well actually, we have an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam … but nothing that goes on there is safe for posting to the online world.  Rome is my favorite part of this trip, and actually what we based the entire itinerary around.  Since the Da Vinci Code breakthrough a few years back, I started reading as many “Vatican Conspiracy” stories I get my hands on:  The Confessor, The Third Secret, Angels and Demons, The Last Templar, etc.  I can’t even name all the Papal mystery novels I’ve read, but the bottom line is that I have lived in Rome through print long enough and it’s time to see it for real.  Will I relive the path of the Illuminati?  Probably not, but will I spend a night getting wasted with the locals and pretending we are Robert Langdon on a Opus Dei witch-hunt?  Oh hell, why not…

Therefore, bring on the Spanish Steps Pub Crawl.  Wait, before I begin, I better read their website and make sure I qualify.  Lets see, “there are two main conditions we require from our customers when they join us – speak a bit of English and like drinking.”  DONE AND DONE!  Can’t wait to find the yellow t-shirt staff, get my free pub crawl shirt and let the party take it from there.  Multiple bars, free shots at each, and a free hour of drinking to start it off … yep, it puts the Boots and Northface on Lyndale pub crawl Nicollet Mall Flip Flops and Tank Tops pub crawls to shame.  Though, I still remember Kieran’s birthday pub crawl on campus in 2003 like it was yesterday, I don’t plan to remember this one the next day at all…

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