Tzedakah Bowl Champions 2009

Tzedkah Bowl Champs 2009 (C Ya!)

In 2007, we had a dream.  In 2007 we accomplished that dream.  In 2008, we lost the dream, but in 2009 … we won it back.

One of the best things the Jewish Federation of Minneapolis and St. Paul do each year, is an all day Flag Football tournament in the Metrodome on Christmas day.  For one day, the lackluster athleticism of the Minnesota’s Jewish Community shines, as the best of the best come out to compete in a pool-play and single-elimination tournament on the Viking’s home turf.  I know I’m no Percy Harvin, but our squad won the championship in our inaugural year (beating an ex-Gopher quarterback).  Last year we lost it to the notorious Ben Stein team, but this year we happily one won the title back again.

Congrats to my teammates (Ross, we missed you).  Here’s to being 28 years old and still competing with younger, stronger, faster, and healthier teams.

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