BootyPop and other Awesome items only come from TV

One of the  disadvantages  advantages of being home for 2 weeks is all the fun stuff on daytime and late-night television.  I spent an hour watching “Kitchen Tools” on QVC, with such genius products as Banana Seals, Kuhn Rikon Ultimate Snips, Prepology Fizz Savers, Soft Grip Tongs with Magnetic Closure, Microplane Zester Grater.

However, this morning takes the cake.  Without Billy Mays to market it, I highly doubt they’ll be going public anytime soon, but how funny is this product?  I mean if Kelly Ripa likes them (“I’ll never take these off”), how can it not be a winning product??  The “Booty Pop” may be the funniest item I’ve ever seen.  For all you ladies out there worrying you aren’t quite bootilicious enough, or that your guys are looking for girls with a badunkadunk … this ones for you!  Check out and see for yourself.  Actually, I think the tag-lines and slogans are the best part of this stuff.

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