Nothing Says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like Slippery When Wet underwear

i want to make a memory…

Why do I love Bon Jovi?  Well, besides the obvious of course?  Because I get emails from the official Bon Jovi store urging me to “Make a Memory” and purchase my loved ones a Bon Jovi gift for Valentines Day.  Unfortunately, something tells me Dana doesn’t want a pink scarf featuring lyrics from Jon’s best love ballads, or an autographed Women’s Lost Highway Leather Vest, but the idea is still pretty cool.  (p.s.  Hey Dana, now you’re on my blog!)

Though to be honest, if I were a lady, I know I would love to get a Heart and Dagger Pendant necklace made from guitar strings that Jon and Richie actually used on tour.  I mean, what self-respecting JBJ Fan wouldn’t want this!!  I’ll admit I peruse the gift shop at regularly (heck, i recently got this shirt from his St. Paul concert for $10!).  However, I still think the best gift on that website is the full set of shot glasses featuring the album art.  If Buddy hadn’t destroyed my collection back in 2001, that would have made a nice addition…

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