Bring Back the Love

So my good friend and former roommate, Mr. Marcus Magy, tells me that of all social media sites on this great planet … is the ONLY non-blocked website for him at work.  So, with his formal request to bring back the love to, I have come up with yet another idea.  My blogging time has been taken up with the Herzlcamp Blog lately – but its time to bring back the love.

I am a man of “to do list”.  If its not written down, I don’t do it, I don’t buy it, and I don’t remember it.  Ask anyone who has been in my home or office, I literally litter the place with yellow post-it notes and desktop widgets to keep my abreast of my growing lists.  Which means, the only way to make sure I update weekly on my blog … is to make a repeating to-do list item.  It is now on my calendar and google tasks list people, and I will do my best to post more often.  I’ve kept you all deprived and this needs to change, IMMEDIA… oops, Herzl Camp already started this summer … INSTANTLY.

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