MN Street Rod Association vs. MN RX-8 Club

vroom vroom

Did you know Minnesota had a Street Rod Association?  Did you know its at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds this weekend?  Do you even know what a Street Rod is?  If you answered “no” to all those questions, then you are like me … which is why you should join me by going to the Fair tonight to check out the “Back to the 50’s” Hot Rod cars on display.  I have to admit, its probably the greatest event I never knew existed.  Over 11,000 cars to drool over, pine over, and even auction over.  Yep, you could take one home.  I’ll be driving my vintage 2007 RX-8 to the show, and who knows, maybe I’ll come home with a 1932 Model A.  Stranger things have happened.

However, if I stick with the 8, then that’s all good too.  Tomorrow is the annual gathering of the Minnesota RX-8 Enthusiasts in SLP.  I’m not obsessed with cars by any means, but I love a good gathering of metal and rubber and think this weekend will be a hit.  Not too bad a way to spend a weekend in MN.

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