$500 BIG Fantasy Football League … giddeeyup!!

The last 3 years I have been a part of a high risk/high reward Fantasy Football League.  Initially, it started as 16 teams at $500 a team … pretty steep, but when 1st place takes home 4k, certainly a worthy investment for the professional gambler and genius sports mind (both of which I am not).

However, this great league has crumbled apart.  Down to 12 or even 10 leagues, and only a $300 fee means the time and effort are no longer worth the investment.  And since I like to be in charge of things and have a few ideas to commish better than the previous one, I’m taking over.  In the words of Eurotrip, “I BUY MY OWN HOTEL!” … except, this time the hotel is a big ole cash bag of fooseball.  I sent out an inquiry about this back in February and found 20 possible interested parties … but times have changed and they may not all still be as eager beavers as they once more.  So I write this to see if you, yes YOU would like to join.  Football season is almost upon us, and gambling season never sleeps.  So, shuffle up and deal, start your engines, or put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner … cause you are invited to come play!  Details below, email me if serious.

2010 “The Big One” Fantasy Football League
This league will have 12-14 total teams, and the draft will be sometime within a week of Labor Day (to be decided later based on actual players).  Official rules are being finalized now, but as a reminder, details of this league are below.  This will be the start of a great recurring league, all are welcomed to try to keep up.

General rules of “Touchdown Heavy” League:

  • 12-14 teams
  • $400 entry fee per team
  • $100 additional fee for pickups (unused money returned)
  • Rushing/Receiving TDs count for 6 points
  • Passing TDs count for 3 points
  • 100 yards rushing or receiving, or 250 yards passing earns 1 point (1 point for each additional 25 yards)
  • Field goals and extra points earn 3 and 1 point
  • Defense TDs or shutouts earn 6 points
  • We will use CBS Sportsline for the site, dr the ft will be available in person and online for remote teams.

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