Top 30 Bon Jovi Songs of All Time


This weekend I met my family in Cable, WI for a very relaxing cross-country ski weekend at the newly reopened Telemark Lodge. Although spending 3 days at this ski resort from my youth first felt like Craig Robinson’s return to Kodiak Valley, the Hot Tub was alas not a time machine.  The best part of the trip, instead, was taking a virtual trip through time as I listened to all 160 songs in my Bon Jovi playlist on the road.  From this 8 hours of driving music Heaven, I listened to every hit from every album and every decade … like I said, Heaven.

After getting a chance to hear them all, I felt it necessary to compile my list of all-time favorites.  Now, if you know me or this blog, you can understand how difficult it of a task this has been. After 15 years of Bon Jovi obsession, some of the regular hits get passed up for some hidden gem b-side tracks.  Truth be told, there are 160 amazing Bon Jovi songs in my playlist, but I’ll stand by this compilation.  So, without further ado, and for your viewing pleasure … I give you the Hello Neiman! top 30 Bon Jovi songs of all time:

30. I’ll be There for You (New Jersey)
29. All About Loving You (Bounce)
28. The Distance (Bounce)
27. Everyday (Bounce)
26. Destination Anywhere (Jon Bon Jovi)
25. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars (Crush)
24. Undivided (Bounce)
23. Living On a Prayer (MTV Unplugged)
22. Complicated (Have a Nice Day)
21. Bad Medicine (New Jersey)
20. One Wild Night (Crush)
19. Bed of Roses (Keep the Faith)
18. Always (Cross Road)
17. Lay Your Hands on Me (New Jersey)
16. When We Were Beautiful (Circle)
15. Have a Nice Day (Have a Nice Day)
14. Blood on Blood (New Jersey)
13. I Love This Town (Lost Highway)
12. We Weren’t Born to Follow (Circle)
11. You Give Love a Bad Name (Slippery When Wet)
10. 99 In The Shade (New Jersey)
9. Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night (Cross Road)
8. (You Want to Make) A Memory (Lost Highway)
7. Raise Your Hands (Slippery When Wet)
6. Lost Highway (Lost Highway)

And for your viewing pleasure, my top 5…

5. Who Says You Can’t Go Home (w/Jennifer Nettles) (Have a Nice Day)

4.  Wanted Dead or Alive (This Left Feels Right)

3.  Runaway (Slow Version) (Crush Tour DVD)

2.  Living on a Prayer (Slippery When Wet)

1.  It’s My Life (Crush)

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