Hello Future? It’s Samsung … umm, we’re here.

Ever since Samsung showcased their new Transparent Smart Window at CES last week, its been pretty much the biggest talk of the gadget town.  I’m having trouble understanding exactly all the details, but if what I read is correct … this is an ACTUAL transparent window which turns into a touchscreen LCD panel for use.  The video above makes it look like just a picture of the outside, but according to the 1:08 mark in the video, “this is completely transparent” and that actually is the outside looking in.

Consider.  My.  Mind.  Blown.

Ok, so lets recap if it meets my list of characteristics for a must-have gadget.  Does it add a cool tech-flavor to a common household item?  Check.  Is it integrated with social media and app support?  Check.  Will my neighbors be able to look through my window and be instantly jealous of me using it … CHECK!!

There were rumors that the iPad3 may use a transparent LCD, but it looks like Samsung stole the show first.  As Gizmodo claims, this is “actually a TFT LCD panel with the ability to go fully transparent, like any other pane”.  Oh, and did I mention it is only visible from the inside and also partially solar powered?  Yes, the future is here friends and it looks a lot like Ben Affleck reverse engineering ALife.  I guess the only question that remains is how many will Danny buy as “business expenses” for BigTymeTickets?

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