Archival of HelloNeiman 1.0


When 1.0 launched on February 25th of 2009, it was an instant worldwide phenomenon.  Fans from all over the globe flooded my inbox with emails of praise, demands for more, and requests to send a small fee to inherit millions in Nigerian Prince money. Over the next 1827 days, the HelloNeiman blog fluctuated in publication cadence, delivering a total of 153 priceless stories of prose to the universe where I delightfully enjoyed writing and sharing my random daily thoughts with whomever accidentally stumbled their way there.

Although the original domain hosting expired in 2014 (and the original blog entries with it), 1.0 is back for your reading pleasure.  In honor of its important place in (my) history, this page represents an archive to those original entries, recreated in all of their original glory.  Enjoy!

Note: Although I’m not proud of every sentence written when looking back, there were no changes made to the original text.

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