Come Walk With Me!

Calling all daydreamers, all adventurers, all would-be explorers and all stuck-in-a-rutters! I am so fortunate to have friends curious in joining me on my Appalachian Trail hike for a few days, but is anyone out there interested in taking on the full challenge alongside me?  Old friends, one-time friends, barely friends, friends of friends, virtual friends … I’d like to chat because I’d love to help convince you!

Long story short, I made a promise that I would do this trip with someone by my side, and a friend I was hoping to hike with may no longer be able to commit. For anyone with families, you can undoubtedly relate to the ease of mind a trusted hiking partner can give to your worried loved ones.  And although a “Trail Family” is created quickly on a thru-hike, where strangers at your pace quickly become friends and partners along the trail … to these loved ones, it does not always provide the same level of comfort.

So, this post is my Call To Action, my Request For Consideration, my offer to help talk you into an experience of a lifetime.  Sure, the timing may not be perfect, the personal situation not ideal … but the opportunity is there, so why not take it?

Because remember:  all that is gold does not glitter, and not all those who wander are lost.