Day 40: Damascus Zero Day

Day 40. It’s amazing how much and how little you actually do on a Zero Day. I feel as tired this morning as I did yesterday, but all I did the past 24 hours was eat, drink, shop, and watch TV. It was a great restful day, but I’m still tired.

That may have something to do with Crazy Larry, though. First of all, he wakes everyone up at 7am for homemade breakfast. It’s a darn good breakfast of fancy pancakes, eggs, toast, etc … but so early. And afterwards, he’s cleaning or chatting with countless friends that come and go throughout the day so getting more sleep is unlikely. Its relatively quiet at night, except for the commotion us hikers make, but it you want to really get a restful day, you may want to look elsewhere.

Every bed was full last night, as the whole town filled up with hikers fast. Two in my room, two in the living room, 1 in the private room, and 1 in the den. Besides the kitchen, that’s people sleeping in every room, so it was a packed house. Around 8pm things quiet down so people can get to bed, but with so many people staying here, their was conversation most of the night. I slept well, but still could have enjoyed a later mornings.

Around lunch time, Leap Frog, Jackelope, and Ripple wandered into town. The latter was my roommate last night, while the others found housing elsewhere. We all grabbed a late lunch at Mojo’s (the only place in town that serves beer), then went shopping and chit chatted until dinner at the Pizza Plus buffet. It was damn good pizza, that may be the highlight of my day.

I sent yet another package of stuff home that I don’t need today as well. It’s amazing how quickly stuff accumulates in my small pack. I found a great deal on a Nemo sleeping pad at one of the outfitters ($50 new), which is 1/4 the size and 4 is lighter than my thermarest, so I upgraded. I’ll sell the other one when I get home to cover that cost. Between that, my new shoes, and the hostel fees though … it was an expensive town stop.

The longer you stay in a town, the more you spend. With almost everyone hiking this trail doing so on a strict budget, it’s easy to see why most hikers have to quit in New England due to finance issues. I’m definitely over my budget as well, but like everyone else, I’ll start tightening the belt now that I’m (hopefully) past the majority of the cold. #knockonwood

Sounds like everyone I’ve spoken to is planning to Zero or Nero tomorrow. There are shelters in 9 miles or 15, but also countless campsites in-between. I’m going to get an early start (not an issue, thanks to Larry’s) and go to the further shelter if I can … but it sounds like I’ll be alone.

It was a good restful day. The legs feel better, the feet are reshod, and the mind is recharged. The forecast calls for clear skies all week, so here’s hoping for a great start tomorrow.

Hello Neiman (Sharkbait)!

  • Start to Mile: 470.9
  • Start Time: 00:00
  • End Mile: 470.9
  • End Time: 00:00
  • Miles Hiked: 0.0
  • Miles to Go: 1720.0
  • Lodging: Crazy Larry’s Hostel