Day 85: Westchester Zero Day

Day 85. Week 11 video is up, week 12 coming soon. I’m enjoying a relaxing day off with my in-laws, soaking up the sun and as much food as possible in New York. My bus ride this morning was quick and painless, and I arrived in White Plains around 10am. I had to transfer in NYC, so if anyone wants a quick and easy route to the city during future thruhikes, this is a pretty easy option. And it comes a couple hundred miles before the Pawling train stop which is more common.

It is weird to be in non-AT civilization again, but it’s also very nice while I relax. I’ll try to get the week 12 video up today as well, and will post it here when ready. It’s nice to be able to sit on a couch with a TV and not have to walk for a couple days. But I can already tell my mind is getting excited to get out there again soon!

Hello Neiman (Sharkbait)!

  • Start Mile: 1294.7
  • Start Time: 00:00
  • End Mile: 1294.7
  • End Time: 00:00
  • Miles Hiked: 00.0
  • Miles to Go: 896.2
  • Lodging: Family in Westchester

7 thoughts on “Day 85: Westchester Zero Day

  1. We are so excited to appear in the week 11 video! It was great to meet you in Boiling Springs and to hear about your adventures in person. You have inspired us to get out into nature more and also to get up every morning and face the day with a positive attitude no matter how rocky and rainy the day before was. Thanks so much for your blog and good luck with the rest of your hike.

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  2. Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me last night.
    “I talk and talk and talk, and I haven’t taught people in 50 years what my father taught by example in one week.” ~ Mario Cuomo (In your case two weeks weeks with your Dad…listen a lot)

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  3. Just a thought….The Amtrak Vermonter follows the AT. Lots of buses from Philly 30th Street Train Station to Allentown.


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