Week 19 Video Recap

The penultimate weekly video had some tough memories. Southern Maine kicked my a** and left permanent scars (mostly emotional). But it was also the gateway to some of the best hiking yet to come, and necessary to appreciate the majesty of the 100-Mile Wilderness waiting in tow.

And in that regard … I am finding it reeeeeeally hard to leave Maine. Sure, I finished my thruhike 2 days ago, but I’m just not that ready to leave this beautiful state quite yet. It’s unfortunate that the weather is only this nice a couple months a year, but I’m originally from Minnesota, so I think I’d be ok with the winter here as well. Of all the states I visited, walked through, and witnessed on my journey … this one leaves the most lasting memory. Some good ones, some bad ones, some horrific ones. But oh those good ones … it would be a dream to build a “camp” on any of the remote lakes I walked by, and live an off-the-grid lifestyle in my twilight years. New bucket list item? Hmm….

For my last full day in Maine, I spent the time in Bangor with a cousin of mine. She took me on a whirlwind tour of Acadia National Park, Echo Lake, and Bar Harbor. Everything was gorgeous and an extra bonus to the already incredible sights I experienced for the last two weeks of my hike. In Bar Harbor, you can eat whatever you want, as long as it’s lobster.

I fly out tomorrow afternoon and finally re-enter the world as I knew it for good. No more living the wanderer’s life, no more hiding in the green tunnel, no more eating without consequence. Time to get back to life. Lots to look forward to of course, and lots to be excited for … but still, I’m finding it hard to say my last goodbyes to the adventure.

Hello Neiman (Sharkbait)!