Epilogue Week Video Recap

Hello! I realized the other day that I never created nor posted the video recap of my epilogue week back on the AT in October. My apologies faithful followers, your viewing pleasure shall be neglected no longer!

Above is my final video recap and official end to all things AT in 2018. It’s been an interesting transitional time these past 2 months off the trail, and with every passing day I am more and more thankful and grateful for my experience hiking across America.

During this new phase back in the real world, you may be asking yourself how I’m doing … but not to fear, Sharkbait is quite well! Life is busy and back to normal, and it’s hard to think it was ever different. But during my free time, I remind myself of the memories and stay connected. I look longingly at my AT trinkets and memorabilia collection, peruse through 2019 hiker Facebook group posts, and work on my book.

Actually, 2 books are in the works. One is a reference guide with a hiker friend RTK, and the other a novel chronicling my personal journey. I’d like to finish both in 2019 and think that’s a great New Years resolution to work towards.

Everything reminds of the trail these days, and the romantic allure of the Appalachian Mountains is beginning to creep back. I have a feeling I’ll be out in the woods often this spring to reminisce and meet new hikers on their own adventures. Living in Virginia, it will be impossible to stay away. If anyone wants to join for a day-hike or weekend trip, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hello Neiman (Sharkbait)!