50% off at Fuji Ya? You got a deal!

Hello Sushi! As you should know, my partner site FiveDollarLiving.com helps deliver great deals in the Twin Cities for cheap eats and entertainment under $5. Although the deal on CrowdCut today for 50% off at Fuji Ya does not fit with that $5 budget, its one of those deals I want to tell the whole world about.

I love the way this deal is marketed. I was about to forward it to some friends with my explanation of why I love it, but this communication outlet is just a wee bit easier. Plus, this way I can keep Henry from changing the email topic to how bad the Gophers are. (yes, they are bad, and yes I know this mean’s you’ll comment about it below).

But ok, I love this deal for three reasons. 1) It’s a fantastic offer at Dana’s favorite sushi restaurant in Minnesota, 2) Crowd cut leverages a great social media marketing plan by using a local celebrity video to plug it on the deal page, and 3) It’s finally an offer from these daily deal sites that is worth buying. Sorry Groupon, I was getting a bit sick of deleting your laser eye surgery and pilates membership offers.

So go to CrowdCut, and buy the deal. Maybe you will meet Andre Zimmern when they place you at his table and he comes to b*tch you out for taking it Ah, local celebrities, they think they are so special.

The 2012 HelloNeiman! Challenge

Let’s be honest friends, 2011 was not a good year for Hello Neiman.  What started out in 2010 as a blog to flex my creative mind, express my ongoing obsession frustration with LOST, review movies and gadgets, and just get my thoughts out to the world … sort of came to a premature end.

Starting in Spring 2010, I was posting daily for 100 days, then almost daily for another 100 … then weekly for a while … then a once-a-quarter about trying to get back on track.  And although you didn’t know it, the site’s server was actually down for most of 2011.  I was unable to upload pictures or videos, and thus lacked the desire to simply post text.

HOWEVER.  The blog has recently been fixed (thank you Craig!) and my new years resolution for 2012 is to get back on track.  I have a lot going on in life and feel its time to share it.  I hope to keep this up and share my thoughts on movies, books, gadgets, school, work, life and more.  If you are very bored or happen to be related/dating me, I hope you remain a regular  reader.

Things to look forward to:

  • eBook and Movie reviews
  • FiveDollarLiving coupons and suggestions
  • Gizmos and Gadget Announcements (and likely iPhone complaining)
  • Additions to other great categories from the past

Blog on!