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Three choices for a night in with “class”

“30 Min or Less”

I recently requested that write more relevant restaurant reviews for those of us who are looking for a great night out.  Since I am an avid reader of the blog and spend as much time telling my friends about it as I do myself reading it, I knew I had to post my own entry.  I could never do it the justice that Neiman does, but had to give it my best shot.  So here are my thoughts on restaurants for the family man and woman looking to make dinner work while still raising young children.

  • Papa Johns sucks. But at least you can order online.
  • Pizza Hut sucks.  But at least you can get thin crust in pie slices.
  • Domino’s sucks.  But at least you can watch your order evolve online.  And they have cini-stix.

This post was ghostwritten by Ellen Berdass Feldman

Ghostwriter Adam Fink

“I’m getting too old for this stuff”

“The Murtaugh List”

It’s arguably the worst day of the week: Monday. The weekend hangover still looms. You are still four days away from the next weekend. And every hour during the day seems to drag on. But there’s a surprising reason for optimism. CBS has quietly assembled a hilarious Monday night TV lineup that shines a slim ray of light on an otherwise dismal day.

The night begins with The Big Bang Theory, a second year show that features four nerdy guys who live next to a hot woman. The interactions are hilarious. Each character perfectly plays off of each other with witty comebacks and hilarious one-liners. I didn’t really get into the show regularly until a few months ago but now that I watch it weekly, I am hooked.

While some might think the night is anchored by Two And A Half Men, the real highlight of the night is How I Met Your Mother (or as we call it HIMYM). You probably recognize Alyson Hannigan from the American Pie movies or Jason Segal from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. For those of you a bit older, look closely and you will realize Barney is none other than Doogie Howser. This show is in its fourth season. I just got into it about 15 months ago through re-runs and DVDs of Season 1 and 2 but it a funny show about five people who live in New York. Think Friends but actually funny. The cast hangs out in a bar and has a number of running gags (i.e. Suit Up) and carry-over themes. The show uses flashbacks and quick-cutaways to make funny moments. It is easy to get caught up on each episode. At the end of the episode, I always find myself wishing the show was longer.

I am going to move past Two And A Half Men. It is supposedly funny but I have never really gotten into it. For some reason, Charlie Sheen as a ladies man at age 50 doesn’t seem right.

A new show that just re-emerged at the 8:30 CDT time slot is Rules of Engagement. It just started its second season as a midseason replacement. It stars David Spade and “Puddy” from Seinfeld. It is about two couples living in the same building. Puddy is hilarious and Spade always delivers a winning performance. It’s a mindless show that seems to constantly get laughs. Give it a chance.

If you have to pick one show for the evening, I recommend giving HIMYM a chance. However, if you have the time, get comfortable on your couch and enjoy a funny night. Monday’s will never be the same.

This post was Ghostwritten by Adam Fink