Ross Tulman’s recipe for the ‘Shabbas Sandwich’

This was my post from the Herzl Alumni Blog this month.  Check out the rest of what past Herzl staff have to say at

Throughout my tenure on staff, there has been one standard: Shabbas is best celebrated with Ross Tulman.  Of the 60 Shabbatot I’ve experienced at Herzl, at least 27 of those were spent sitting across from my aforementioned partner in crime.  Sometimes tradition is important, and we had our Shabbas traditions indeed.  Sure we would wear our Bon Jovi outfits, or send a camper on a “mission” to steal an extra challah bag, or even demonstrate to the entire chadar the right way to eat a Matza Ball (they’re bite-size!) … but the best tradition?  The Shabbas Sandwich.  I reached out to my good friend Mr. Tulman, and he agreed to make public his genius creation to the world.  Warning:  Consumption of Shabbas Sandwiches may be hazardous to your Minucha.

The Shabbas Sandwich by Ross Tulman
3 slices of challah
6 chicken nuggets
Carrots (cooked)
2 potato wedge hashbrowns
BBQ Sauce, Mustard, Ketchup, Honey, etc

  1. When choosing your 3 slices of challah be sure to choose pieces from the middle of the challah, or else you will wind up with an uneven sandwich
  2. Spread BBQ sauce, Honey, ketchup and/or mustard evenly on the top piece of challah and on the bottom piece of the challah (leave the middle piece plain)
  3. Place the potato wedges on the bottom piece of challah to make a rectangle
  4. Place middle piece of bread on top of potato triangles (this part of the sandwich acts as the base)
  5. Place chicken nuggets in a single file line on top of the middle challah.  Do not stack…do not act treif at Herzl
  6. Slice carrots in half vertically; place the flat side down on top of the nuggets
  7. Place last piece of challah on top of the carrots to complete the sandwich.
  8. Enjoy

Herzl Camp’s Alumni Weekend is a Success

Hey everyone, if you were unable to make the incredible Alumni Camp at Herzl Camp this past weekend, don’t fret, Alex Locke has recorded the entire weekend’s details.  I’ve extrapolated them from his blog and posted below.  After reading his post, I am even more upset that I missed it.  Granted, Jaime and Jason’s  wedding in DC was well worth it and tons of fun (post coming tomorrow), but you read the below from Alex and tell me you aren’t jealous!  Mike

From Alex Locke’s Blog:  Well, I got home from Alumni Camp at Herzl, and it was AWESOME!!! First, it was so fun to be back. Second, it was great to share this part of my life with Chad. Now when I say “After Havdalah we will do Rad Hayom before we head to the Mo for Oneg,” he will know exactly what that means. So here is a re-cap of the weekend…

The drive up to camp was pretty typical. That said… there are a lot of housing developments that have popped up. Some of the towns you drive through have also been built up. Of course, we stopped at the Drive-In for lunch. I had my favorite… hot fudge banana malt. It was as delish as I remember.

When we got to camp, we were greeted by a few people singing “Ay veynu shalom alechem.” That set the tone for the weekend. We went up to our room, unpacked, and then we took our first walk around camp. We went to all of mine and Missy’s cabins. I saw all of the plaques I made as a staff member with my campers in Vav, 17, 20, and 25 (not sure why we did not make one when I was an ozo for 7). I also showed Chad the ozo mo…. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We went into the haks and got pretty grossed out and then spent a little time at the Mercaz. Some things never change… like the beauty at the Mercaz. Other things do change… I used to be fine showering in the haks, now I would feel like a need a shower to clean off after showering in there.

After the tour, we relaxed and got ready for Shabbat. Everyone was dressed in white and we had the traditional Shabbat Caravan. It was so fun to be there again… it had been 12 years since I was last on staff. As always, the caravan ended at the flag circle. Though they no longer use the Canadian flag nor sing O Canada, we did for old times sake. Now, they use a Herzl flag and sing the Herzl song, which is pretty cool too. After a few flag songs, and lowering the flags, we headed to services. Unfortunately, due to the rain, we had services indoors, but they were still nice. Following services we had the traditional Herzl Shabbat dinner… matzo ball soup, salad, challah, chicken, and those little potato thingies.

When dinner was over, the lights went down, and we had our candlelight song session. It was so great!!!! I did miss seeing people walking through the aisles though. After dinner, we went to the staff mo, and it was time for Oneg. Essentially, we all sat around sharing favorite Herzl memories or hilarious stories. It was so fun just listening… and sharing a few as well. Chad said this was his favorite part of the weekend… though he truly loved the entire time and wants to go back again. Finally, it was time for bed… Saturday was a BIG day.

What better way to start a Saturday morning at camp then with an optional breakfast starring the sweet rolls. DELISH!!!! After breakfast we got showered and headed to services… again indoors due to rain. When services were over, it was time for rotations, and thankfully the sun was out. Chad and I did not do any one thing in particular… we watched and observed. We took another walk around camp. We went to the waterfront… damn there is a lot of beach. They say it is the lowest the lake has been in 37 years. Those who remember the lake would not believe what it looks like now. After some time at the waterfront, we went to ozo park and watched 30 year old men pretend to be 20 year-olds playing ultimate frisbee. That was highly entertaining, though I will say… some of ’em still have it. Next we went over to the Mercaz to watch all the people boating. It was a beautiful view. Finally, we went into Cabin 13 where I was Papa Ozo and we found on the wall all of the notes my ozos wrote me. It was so fun to see those and be reminded of that summer.

Next up… Picnic lunch with the addition of grilled cheese. We all wanted the picnic lunch experience, but were not willing to give up the yummy goodness that is grilled cheese. As soon as lunch was over, we started singing ozo songs. We went as far back as 1979 and did every year of ozo songs that had a representative at Alumni Camp. Thankfully, we did not do Kadimah songs!! After the songs, it was time to start with B-I-K-K-U-R-I-M… Bikkurim.

It began with a watermelon seed spitting contest, then ga-ga, and then the marathon which included a human pyramid, saltine whistling, b-ball free throws, the rock wall, the kadimah wall, walking an egg with a spoon, a lot of running, and so much more. After that, it was tug-o-war. We are just not as young as we once were. Everyone got pooped, so it was time for a break before finishing off with kickball. Bikkurim was a ton of fun!

Next we went and rested for a little bit before it was time for dinner. It was the traditional kugel, eggs, salad, and blintzes dinner followed by Eskimo Pies with peanut butter. Delish (how many times can I say that)!!! After dinner we were treated to a brief but funny version of 12 Gates. By then it was already time for evening program, which I was leading. We first did Comedy Sportz, then a sing down, and finally an awesome game of Aleph You Too. I have never seen a bra come off that fast!!!! After the games, it was time for the big announcement of who won Bikkurim. For once, I was on the winning Red team!!!! Face it, Blue always loses… another Herzl tradition.

Once evening program was over, it was time for havdallah lead by the ’99 ozrim. Then, it was time for the Pour House. Unfortunately, it is the post-tornado Pour House, but none the less we had a good time. I got my root beer in a frosty mug, did a little dancing, and had a fun night watching Stella take on NASCAR. When we got back to camp, it was a bonfire at the Ner Howie, then a little star gazing at the Mercaz before Chad and I got scared we were going to be eaten by a bear. So, we returned to the bonfire for a few minutes, and finally went to bed after 1:00. I have not stayed up that late for years.

Sunday morning, we slept in past breakfast, bought $80 worth of Herzl regalia (and I still think I want one of those blankets) toured camp one last time where Chad took a picture of all my plaques and notes from my ozos, and with that, Alumni Camp was over.

It was truly an incredible weekend. I would do it again in a second, though I don’t think it should be every year. I feel that might take away from it being a unique and special experience. So…. my recommendation is every five years, add one extra day, and cap it at 75, because anymore would lose the intimacy.

Visitor’s Day at Herzl Camp? Yes Please

If I make it through the Lake Minnetonka Boat cruise, Counting Crows concert, and Nepalese bachelor party this tomorrow … Sunday will have me singing “Here’s to dear old Herzl” as I turn off Wisconsin Highway 35.  This Sunday is the annual Herzl Camp board meeting at camp in the morning, followed by visitor’s day and groundbreaking ceremonies for the renovation plans set to start this fall.  Since its been a busy summer this year, this is unfortunately my only trip up to Devil’s lake for 2009, but it will be a good one.  Morning meeting, lunch with camp, time on my waterfront (yes, my waterfront), and seeing all the campers and families reliving their memories for one afternoon.  It makes me nostalgic for my many many years on staff there (lets be honest, we are all jealous in our desk jobs of the chance to work in Webster one last time), so hopefully it doesn’t heavy dew and the kitchen staff don’t yell at us too much.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

P.S.  Have you signed up for Herzl’s Alumni Camp yet?  The deadline is Monday, don’t delay!  You can find more information and links to fun alumni stories and messages at Herzl’s ReliveTheDream blog.

Counting the days to Counting the Crows

Saturday Nights     

This weekend is going to be a bit crazy people!  Since there won’t be more than an hour of free time between Friday evening and Monday morning, I better use today’s post to tell you about all the mishigas that is planned to occur over the next 5 days.

Friday night Lindsey and I are going to the Twins/White Sox game at the Dome, after which I am hoping to celebrate the victory with some cool beverages of choice.  If the weather is nice, Saturday is boating on Lake Minnetonka, the Basilica Block Party, and Kieran’s bachelor party in St. Paul, Sunday is the summer board meeting and visitors day at Herzl, and Sunday night dinner with the grandparents … (sigh) it hurts just writing it.

However, as I mentioned, this Saturday is the 2009 Basilica Block Party, which I announced months ago is headlined by the Counting Crows.  Lindsey and I have our tickets already (but if anyone else is looking for tix, my friend Amber has 2 for sale, just shoot me an email), and are ecstatic to see the crows in MN again.  The last time they played the BBP was 2003 and I was in DC for the weekend, which forced me to miss my one and only Minnesota Counting Crows concert since really discovering them in 1998.  If the weather is nice, this concert will be tough to beat.  The new album is still on my top 3 for everyday listening, and although I can no longer pick favorites with the Crows … the tracks above (Insignificant) and below (Washington Square), are two of the best from the new album that really represent its name and meaning.  Enjoy and hopefully I’ll see you at the show Saturday Night (and Sunday Morning).  🙂

and Sunday Mornings.


Check out Herzl Camp’s Alumni Weekend Blog!

Herzl Camp’s Alumni Association has created a new blog with weekly Shabbat posts on stories, shtick, and funny memories of years past from Herzl Camp alumni campers and staff.  I’ve posted this blog to my blogroll and encourage all of you past Herzl friends to go check it out weekly.  Each week will have 1 – 2 blog posts from Herzl legends of old are weighing in with their 2 cents on the fun times from “back in the day” and those that are possible in the future.  Chiri Bim may be dead, The Blacksmith may have passed through the sands of time … but those who were there remember it, and every week will share their thoughts with you.  Check it out often at and tell your friends!

DUUUUUUUDE! 28?! When did we get so old…

Back in the magical summer of 2004, the world around me changed.  Summer camp had a meaning beyond just “Herzl”, a college degree didn’t really feel worth as much as I’d paid for it, hair was beginning to grow in new places, and planets collided when two of the biggest dorks known to man joined forces and become … well … bigger dorks.  I am speaking of none-other than “the Dude”, Velocefroehlich, J-Dawg, JFro, Mr. Jason Froehlich.  Added our Israeli counterpart, Tzach, to the duo and the world was in for some hurt.

Anyways, it’s Jason’s 28th birthday today and since most of my friends have no idea who this nomad is beyond the stories I share of Bethesda Pub Crawls, New Year’s ping pong debacles, and closet/toilet malfunctions, I thought I would share with the world who this mythical creature is with a photo montage (cue Team America song).  Much like me, Jason refuses to accept “old age” as a means to stop being a kid.  Keep it up buddy.  And to the future Mrs. Duuuuuuude … thanks for putting up with our sh*t all these years, he owe’s you BIG time.

“The Hangover”, the most anticipated movie since The Beach

If you haven’t seen a preview for this yet, go to YouTube immediately.  Yes, I said immediately.  I think the last time I was this excited for a movie and KNEW it was going to be worth the wait was X-Men back in 2000.  (Of course, for that, I had Ross and Ben to help build it up and make all of Herzl Camp prepare as well).  Ingrid and I have been pumping up for this movie for weeks now and I know its going to be worth the wait.  Let me put it this way, there is no way possible for a movie that contains Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Las Vegas, Heather Graham, Mike Tyson, live tigers, and blackout Intoxication, to fail on screen.  Anyone want to go see it on Saturday or Sunday?  It’s supposed to rain in Minneapolis 😦

Counting Crows to Headline Basilica Block Party

Adam, we know you love this new Twitter phenomenon, but please keep the CountingCrows tweets to less than 10 in a row, I’m begging you.  You’re killing my text message inbox!

But I do know that one of the best things this summer is bringing is an affordable Counting Crows concert at the Basilica Block Party on June 11th.  Being a downtown native, I’m a huge fan of the BPP and the festival of people and talent that shows up for the weekend festival.  The last time the crows played it was when I lived at LV with Fineman back in 2003, so it will be fun to see them on stage again post their Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings album.

Even though that weekend is already jam-packed (Herzl Camp board meeting, Twins/White Sox series), I am definitely planning to TRY to do it all.  Why everything this summer has to occur the weekend of July 10th-12th, I don’t know!  I know some of you out there are other BPP regulars like me and will be looking forward to it, so I’ll keep you posted on my status.  And to answer your question … no, The Who are not opening for them nor are they going to come on stage for “Hanging Around”.  The list of performers, ticket prices, and additional info can be found at the link above.  Anyone else planning to go at least one of the days?

Review: Wolverine is no X-Men

this movie is as good as Wolverine’s claws look real

When the first X-Men movie came out in the summer of 2000, many of you will recall how excited I was.  Ross and I painted our half-naked bodies to resemble our favorite comic-book characters and ran around Herzl Camp singing, screaming, and building the hype for what we thought was going to be the best movie of our generation.  Honestly, we weren’t wrong.  X-Men set the standard for superhero movies that are still blockbuster smashes 10 years later.  And until now, the Marvel studio had never let me down.  But Wolverine’s Origin?  Wow was that a bustola.

Wolverine’s Origin story was one of the biggest mysteries of comic universe.  Only a few short years ago did the comic book version even tell the story.  That was an amazing comic.  But what Marvel did with 6 issues in 2002 was covered in a 3 minute video montage to open this movie.  Then, the film subjects you to an hour and a half of nothing.  There really is no story, no purpose to any of the other mutants, horrible acting (Stryker, oye), and really just a dumb plot.  The entire movie is just your typical “”bad guy kills girl, good guy kills bad guy”” story.  And the worst part is that the bad guy keeps changing, yet you don’t really care.  Did I mention that Gambit is in it?  Yeah, who cares.  They could have cut his character completely and it would have had no impact on the movie.  However, the one shining role is Sabretooth.  Leiv Shreiber is actually a cool villain.

This is a let down from Marvel, and a horrible continuation of the X-Men franchise.   The movie studios will blame the internet leak to their bad financials, but really the public is going to show very quickly that the actual movie is to blame.  This had better not be a sign of what’s to come for this summer’s expected hits…

Herzl Camp Alumni Weekend Registration is Open!

Registration is open!!!  As you may know, Herzl Camp is hosting an Alumni Camp Weekend this year from August 7-9 in Webster. Given the changes Herzl is preparing for, this may be our last chance to once again experience a Herzl Camp Shabbat like when we were kids/staff. It is also a great opportunity to not only give back to and support a place we all know and love but will allow all those spouses and significant others the chance to see what we have been talking about all these years.

So, here is the deal. Camp is for those 21 and over only. Registration opened on the Herzl Camp website YESTERDAY!  Here are the costs:

  • Orange Cabin – $120/person
  • Cabin (Gimel-Zayin)- $130/person
  • Marp – $160/person
  • Beit Chai (Chadar) Shared bathroom – $175/person
  • Beit Chai (Chadar) Private bathroom – $185/person
  • There is also the option to where you can choose your cabinmates for the weekend: Orange Cabin – $130/person, Cabin – $135/person.

So, tell all your family and friends who are Herzl Camp alumni. Let’s fill camp so we not only have an amazing weekend but also put some money into our summer home from back in the day. Please give this information to everyone else you think would be interested!

Thanks to Alex Locke for originally posting this on his blog.