$500 BIG Fantasy Football League … giddeeyup!!

The last 3 years I have been a part of a high risk/high reward Fantasy Football League.  Initially, it started as 16 teams at $500 a team … pretty steep, but when 1st place takes home 4k, certainly a worthy investment for the professional gambler and genius sports mind (both of which I am not).

However, this great league has crumbled apart.  Down to 12 or even 10 leagues, and only a $300 fee means the time and effort are no longer worth the investment.  And since I like to be in charge of things and have a few ideas to commish better than the previous one, I’m taking over.  In the words of Eurotrip, “I BUY MY OWN HOTEL!” … except, this time the hotel is a big ole cash bag of fooseball.  I sent out an inquiry about this back in February and found 20 possible interested parties … but times have changed and they may not all still be as eager beavers as they once more.  So I write this to see if you, yes YOU would like to join.  Football season is almost upon us, and gambling season never sleeps.  So, shuffle up and deal, start your engines, or put the women and children to bed and go looking for dinner … cause you are invited to come play!  Details below, email me if serious.

2010 “The Big One” Fantasy Football League
This league will have 12-14 total teams, and the draft will be sometime within a week of Labor Day (to be decided later based on actual players).  Official rules are being finalized now, but as a reminder, details of this league are below.  This will be the start of a great recurring league, all are welcomed to try to keep up.

General rules of “Touchdown Heavy” League:

  • 12-14 teams
  • $400 entry fee per team
  • $100 additional fee for pickups (unused money returned)
  • Rushing/Receiving TDs count for 6 points
  • Passing TDs count for 3 points
  • 100 yards rushing or receiving, or 250 yards passing earns 1 point (1 point for each additional 25 yards)
  • Field goals and extra points earn 3 and 1 point
  • Defense TDs or shutouts earn 6 points
  • We will use CBS Sportsline for the site, dr the ft will be available in person and online for remote teams.


Not trying to count any chickens before they hatch, but we have a big game this Sunday.  A big game that, if victorious, could lead to a VERY big Sunday afternoon in on February 7th.  There are talks in the midst about what to do or where to be if the Purple are victorious this Sunday.  Get excited purple nation, #4 has indeed brought to the table everything we had hoped for (though admittingly, with reluctance at first).  Attached a great video above that Jurisz found, which captures the sentiments and emotions.  But, in other words … SKOL VIKES!!!!!!!!!


9 Pro-Bowlers deep … SKOL PURPLE PLAYOFFS!

My Genius Predictions for the NFL Playoffs

The brightest sports analysts studied all possible playoff brackets before last week’s games and came up with 60+ different scenarios.  Well, I don’t need Buddy and Henry to crunch numbers all week to see how the playoffs will play out.  Place your bets in Vegas now people, the Purple Pride are taking home the Lombardi Trophy this year, and no one is going to stop Favre, AP, Harvin, The Williams Wall, Allen, Sidney Rice and the rest of the Purple Pride in 2010.


Ready (f)o(u)r not, here I come

yes, yes I am

I won’t say I called it 2 weeks ago, but if you didn’t see this coming a mile away, you don’t deserve to be a Purple fan.  Of course the case wasn’t closed and we were still expecting something to happen.  And of course Brett wouldn’t just decide “eh, i guess not” after all the hoopla.  So, whether you like it or not, its time to go out and buy a new jersey.

Sconny Favre fans “band” together to mourn (sigh)

at least they aren’t yellow

One of my vikings RSS feeds sent me an article yesterday about how Wisconsin fans are dealing with the likely loss of their iconic figure to the Purple and Gold.  I am sure clothing distributors have sold more purple #4 jerseys than these black armbands, but it will be very interesting to see if this trend catches on.  Could be really funny if, when the Vikes go to Lambeau, the stands are filled with purple jerseys and idiots dressed in black.  Then again, it worked for the White Sox

Buy your own armband at www.mourn4.com.  I know Hage will buy them in bulk and sell them for $100 a pop on opening day at the Metrodome.

Did Chilly Hold Out for Brett?

“It all comes down to physically how I feel, and that could change based on arthroscopic surgery, but I’m not willing to do that or take that chance, and that’s why I’m retiring.”

Well, I honestly thought all the rumors and talk were just that … talk.  But apparently, there was actually some truth to this whole Favre and Vikings debacle after all.  Last night ESPN declared that Childress and Favre will meet this week to discuss things, which goes against everything we’ve heard from Brett and his agent since this whole mishigas started.  Having had a week to digest this all (and consider Will’s 7 points of contention comment), I’m starting to see the positives embedded within this craziness.  I still think his torn bicep and unpredictability under pressure will prove to be worse than Hage at QB, but he may still bring something to the team; specifically in revenue, training of other QBs, marketing, and excitement for the Minnesota fan-base.  Ziggy needs money, Chilly needs a miracle … and truthfully, Favre has a better chance of bringing that to us than anyone else.

My favorite point of view on this is from Jay Glazer, who provided some interesting insight in to Chilly’s lackluster attempts at bringing in other solid QBs on the table:

“Did Chilly know something then about Favre’s plans to secure his release from the Jets, and was he actually down on Cutler because he really wanted to wait and take a shot at Brett?  The team’s whole treatment of the quarterback position this off-season – last season too, frankly – would tend to suggest that they have been hedging their bets.  No Jeff Garcia, no serious pursuit of Cutler or Matt Cassel, just Sage Rosenfels, a guy who can hold down the fort if you need him but isn’t so expensive that you couldn’t stick him on the bench if need be (same could be said of Gus Frerotte last year).  If I didn’t know better, I’d think Chilly and Favre have been talking on the phone a lot the last couple of years, plotting to make this happen.””

Favre to Vikings? Please lord no!

Being from Minnesota, there is no name in sports that frustrates me more than Brett Favre.  Sure I have respect for the guy, he’s done a lot … but much of it was against the Vikings.  Godforbid he NOT break the TD record at the Metrodome a couple years ago, sheesh.  So, this morning reports come out that Favre has been released by the Jets and rumors already flying about coming out of retirement and playing for the Minnesota.

I hate Brett Favre.  I despise how much Madden loves him, I can’t stand seeing him score from a drastic underarm shuffle-pass, and cringe when I watch him attempt to act in There’s Something About Mary.  A year ago though, you almost had me convinced that the Vikes would benefit from him.  Since we basically had no QB all season, I’m sure we would have had a better record with him … but probably still would have lost to the Eagles.

But 2009?  Hell no.  I like the possibilities of Rosenfels, I’m eager to see what Percy Harvin brings, and I do not feel like Favre is needed.  Bloggers are already spitting out rumors left and right about how much he wanted to come to Minnesota last year and how talks could start up again.  No.  Don’t waste our time Chilly, focus on getting your new QB ready to play in Purple and Gold and let old man river ruin another team’s offense.