Sigma Alpha Mu turns 100, the Kappa Boys celebrate in style

love it fear it

It was a great long weekend, with plenty of craziness.  It’s not every day your fraternity turns 100 years old and frat boys from all ages showed up to celebrate with the University of Minnesota’s Kappa Chapter.  Minneapolis held a Centennial banquet dinner for Sigma Alpha Mu’s “Assuring Century 2” campaign on Saturday, and it was quite the weekend.  Among those in attendance?  Frank “Johnny Pohl” Marasco, Bad Andy Huston, Michael Fineman Investment Banker (and Laredo captain extraordinaire), Adam Fink’s 92-year-old grandfather, 5 past Supreme Priors, P Diddy, Billisimo, and many more.

Friday night was just a typical frat party at the house with 150 old men … just like the old days.  And Saturday was a beautiful banquet dinner with excellent food, speakers, awards, and honorees.  It was a nice weekend that kept me carefully on my guard, drunk as a skunk, and reminiscing about “the good old days” of constant debauchery and idiotic nonsense.  (sigh) It felt good to be young again.  Oh, and they even included a tour of the new TCF Gopher Football Stadium…

iPhone or Palm Pre … which would you choose?

iPhone Hitman Hatton vs. Palm Pre Pacquiao

After following the expected release of the Palm Pre and webOS for 9 months now, I am all of a sudden thrown into a quandary.  My personal cell phone plan has always been Sprint, and I have been a faithful Palm fan since the infamous Sigma Alpha Palm club of Visor Handsprings back in 2000.  I have not been anti-iPhone, but when its not an option, I have really let my excitement bottle up for the Pre release.

But oh what a dilemma!  I recently received an email from work asking employees not to re-sign any contracts for personal cell phone carriers because we are all getting corporate phones with free minutes through AT&T.  Long story short, I now have the option of the iPhone for $50 a month, or the Palm Pre for $50 a month (my current cost with our family plan).

I’ve been building up the Pre for months, and I’m definitely excited for it … but dare I get both?  I know I can’t be content with just an iTouch, I want a device that does it all, and as Debra told me, “the iTouch is like foreplay without the sex”.  So what would you choose if you were me?  Post your vote!