Gear List Breakdown

Gear breakdown for a thru-hike is slightly different than a typical weekend adventure, but my general strategy of hammock camping and UL hiking remains unchanged. My goal is to have a Base Weight (all carried gear) under 15 lbs, with a “Skin Out” total (all carried gear, worn gear, and consumables) under 30 lbs. It is very likely that gear may change leading up to the hike, and definitely once on the trail – so updates will be made to this list when appropriate.

The following breakdown represents my full gear planned for Day 1 of the thru-hike, which includes items for colder weather that will be shipped home when possible. In addition, certain consumable items (e.g. Aqua Mira, denatured alcohol, toothpaste, TP, etc.) will only be carried in week-long increments and will be refilled by a bounce box/resupply at town stops.

Click each category below to expand to view individual items, links, and weights:

Worn on Body
Gear Item Model / Brand Ounces
Hiking Boots Oboz Sawtooth 15.6
Hiking Socks Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks 1.8
Hiking Pants Northface Paramount Trail Convertible Pants 13.8
Hiking Shirt Northface Short Sleeve Longling Flashdry Crew 4.5
Skivvies/Underwear ExOfficio Sport Mesh Boxer Briefs 2.5
Bandana Orange Tough Headband Buff 1.0
Watch Timex Ironman Classic Mid-Size 1.2
Big 3 Gear
Gear Item Model / Brand Ounces
Backpack Osprey Talon 44 37.0
Hammock Dutch Chameleon Hexon 1.6 21.6
Hammock Suspension Dutch Tree Straps & Buckles; Whoopie Slings 9.7
Hammock Rain Tarp UGQ Winterdream 15d Membrane 0.93 19.2
Top Quilt EE Revelation 20d Top Quilt 18.0
Under Quilt EE Revolt 20d UQ Short 14.5
Secondary Gear
Gear Item Model / Brand Ounces
Bag Cover / Liner Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Pack Cover 2.9
Water Purification Stuff Sack Sea to Summit Travel Light Stuff Sack S (yellow) 0.2
Water Purification Aqua Mira Treatment drops 3.0
SPF Chapstick Chapstick Sunblock SPF 15 0.3
Knife Swiss Army Classic SD 0.9
Night Items Stuff Sack Sea to Summit Travel Light Stuff Sack M (purple) 0.2
Headlamp eGear LED Lightning EQ2 1.2
Ear Plugs Walgreens Foam Ear Plugs 0.1
Phone Wall Charger Ailkin High Speed Portable 2-Port USB; chord 1.8
Phone Portable Charger Anker Astro E1 5200 mAh 4.3
Headphones Apple Earpods 0.4
Mosquito Head Net Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net 1.0
Phone/Camera Apple iPhone SE 4.5
Sunglasses & Case Maui Jims Sugar Beach; hard case 2.5
Camp Shoes Crocs Classic 13.7
Gear item Model / Brand Ounces
Clothing Stuff Sack Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Stuff Sack 15L Orange 1.0
Rain Jacket Outdoor Research Helium II 6.4
Rain Skirt / Hammock Ground Sheet Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap 1.8
Thermals Top REI Co-op Lightweight Base Layer Half-Zip 6.3
Thermals Bottom REI Co-op Lightweight Base Layer Bottoms 5.0
Extra Skivvies/Underwear Nike Flex 2-in-1 shorts 4.7
Extra Wool Socks Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Mini Socks 1.8
Extra Bandana White Square Bandana 0.9
Puff Jacket Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer Hooded 7.7
Cooking Gear
Gear item Model / Brand Ounces
Cook Pot & Mesh Bag Keith Ti3209 900ml Titanium Mug 4.3
Alcohol Stove Cat Food Can Alcohol Stove 0.2
Canister Stove (extra) BRS Ultralight 1.0
DIY Stove Accessories Windscreen, Pot Cozy, Can Opener, Sponge, Scraper 2.2
Fire Starter Bic Mini Lighter 0.4
Eating Utensil MSR Folding Spork 0.3
Cook Fuel Plastic Bottle and 4oz Denatured Alcohol 4.5
Water Bottles Empty 1L Smartwater Bottle (2) 2.8
Water Scoop DIY Water Bottle scoop & mesh filter 0.1
Hanging Rope (50ft), Carabiner Dynaglide, Mini Titanium Carabiner 2.5
Gear Iteam Model / Brand Ounces
Health/Repair Kit Stuff Sack Sea to Summit Travel Light Stuff Sack M (blue) 0.5
DIY Repair Kit Needles, Thread, Safety Pins, Paperclips, Tape, etc. 0.5
Extra Bags & Rubber Bands Ziplock Bags, Garbage Bags, Rubber Bands, etc. 1.0
Duct Tape Duct Tape (5 feet) 1.0
Bug Spray Ben’s 100 Max Formula DEET 1.3
Toothbrush Travel Toothbrush 0.5
Toothpaste Travel Colgate Toothpaste 2.5
Dental Floss Up & Up Non-waxed Floss 1.0
Soap/Shampoo Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap 2.5
Sunscreen Banana Boat 30 SPF 1oz 1.5
Toilet Paper Tissue To Go Toilet Paper 1.3
Tissues Kleenix Tissues Go Pack 0.6
First Aid Kit Bandaids, Moleskin, Alcohol Pads, Ointment, etc. 2.0
Med Kit Ibuprofen, Zyrtec, Tylenol PM, Imodium, Prednisone 1.5
Inhaler Ventolin Inhaler 1.4
Leukotape BSN Medical Leukotape P Sports Tape (5 yards) 1.0
Luxury Items
Gear Item Model / Brand Ounces
Winter Hat Northface Polartec Beanie 1.2
Winter Gloves REI Co-op Polartec Power Stretch Gloves 1.0
Hat Outdoor Research Radar Pocket Cap 1.8
Wind Breaker Mountain Hardware Ghost Lite 3.0
Sleeping Pad Thermarest Z-Lite Sol Small 10.0
Pillow Exped AirPillow UL Medium 1.7
Kindle Kindle Paperwhite 7.2
Trowel The Deuce of Spades 0.6
Arm Sleeves Blackstrap Daily Sleeves 1.4
Corncob Pipe Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman 1.8
Loose Leaf Tobacco Avg. 1 oz carried at a time 1.0
Carried Consumables
Gear Item Model / Brand Ounces
Food Stuff Sack Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Stuff Sack 20L Orange 1.2
Odorless Food Bag Lopsak Opsak 12×20 1.6
All Food Weight Avg. 5 days @ 2lbs per day 160.0
All Water Weight Avg. 2 Liters carried at a time 36.0