There is no shortage of websites, blogs, vlogs, forums, books, movies, podcasts and people that can help prepare you for a thru-hike. I encourage you to research as much as possible and to enjoy the process of learning about an adventure on the AT. The following websites were especially helpful in my planning and preparation, and are highly recommended for any future hiker.

AT Hostel Locations List of all Hostel locations along the AT
AT Maildrop Labels List of all Maildrop locations with ability to create printable labels
AT Maildrop Locations List of all Maildrop locations along the AT
AT Resupply Locations Maildrop and Resupply cities/towns within 1 mile of the AT
AT Trail Slang A list of commonly used words, phrases, abbreviations, and terms used in the Appalachian Trail community.
AT Transport Options Plane, Bus, and Train routes to and from the AT
All US Post Office Locations Post Offices for mail drops in every major city along the AT
Data – Full Mileage Chart Mile-by-mile profile of the AT and milestones (data is slightly different than AWOL Guide)
Data – Interactive Trail Map Google Maps version of the trail with milestones
Data – Map Man Data Average days/miles/etc compiled from past thru-hiker data on the AT
Food – Bulk Foods Good dried fruits, nuts, and other backpacking foods for bulk purchase
Food – Erik the Black’s Mealplan Example meal-plan and recommended items for thru-hike meals
Food – Harmony House Foods Good dehydrated and freeze-dried food for backpacking
Food – Honeyville Foods Good freeze-dried meats and cheeses for bulk purchase.
Food – MRE Depot Future Essentials freeze-dried meats, cheeses, and crackers for bulk purchase
Food – Individual Condiment Packs Individual serving condiment packets for bulk purchase
Food – One Pot Meals Good recipes for healthy one-pot backcountry meals
Food – Trail Recipes Good site for meal planning, recipes, and food preparations
Gear – Bigfoot’s Gear List Good example of gear list for AT thru-hike (13 lb base weight)
Gear – UL Recommendations Recommendations to lessen the weight on long-distance hiking
Helpful Knots Important guyline knots to know for tarps/tents from Andrew Skarka
Journal – BradsATWALK Good daily blog of retired independent contractor thru-hiking in 2009
Journal – hikewithJAXDAD Good daily blog of retired project manager thru-hiking in 2017
YouTube Channel – Darwin on the Trail Great video series for thru-hiker vlog, tips & tricks, gear reviews and more
YouTube Channel – Early Riser 71 Good video series for thru-hiker vlog, tips & tricks, gear reviews and more