XBOX Project Natal brings Back to the Future Part II to real life … and I MUST HAVE IT!

If you were one of the many adults that became intrigued and thus reacquainted with your youth by how the Nintendo Wii revolutionized video games back in 2006 … then Project Natal for the XBOX 360 will literally blow your F*CKING mind!  This may literally be the coolest toy ever invented, props to Microsoft and Steven Spielberg for the innovation!

Project Natal is literally an entire video game, communication and multimedia experience from an entertainment consul that is 100% HANDS FREE.  No controllers needed, automatic voice, facial and gesture recognition, video conferencing, product scanning, video motion-sensors … I don’t know whether to go out and buy this toy or fear its technological similarities to an impeding Cyberdyne Systems global takeover.  You have got to watch the video above and get excited, who ever believed something like this could ever occur in our lifetime when we first plugged in the our 8-bit systems in 1985.  Wow, I love the world we live in.

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