University of Minnesota hilariously “freezes”

“It’s the little people that made this freeze possible” -Will Holland

All I can say is that we were never clever enough to pull this off in my day.  Perhaps because Facebook didn’t exist, or perhaps because Northrup Mall was busy being polluted by animal rights protesters in cages and Jews for Jesus gospel preachers on soapboxes.  However, I was recently invited to an event called the University of Minnesota Freeze 2.0 set for September 14th, and definitely had a laugh.  Congrats to Will Holland for helping put this together, its funny as hell.  Check out the video from last year’s event above, and click the link above for info on this year’s freeze.  If you are in Minnesota, you should definitely try and join in.

Official statement:  This September 14th, we will participate in the 2nd Minnesota freeze. Participants will freeze in place on Northrop Mall on the Minneapolis East Bank campus for 5 minutes, stunning onlookers and creating an amazing sight to be a part of. This will be a great way to welcome our new freshmen to campus.

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