Sao Paulo has the best…

Yesterday we went on a bus tour around the city of Sao Paulo. FGV University put this together for us, and along with a few faculty members, invited a professional tour guide to talk us through the various sites. Most of what we saw was identical to the 1-Day recommended tour from my TripAdvisor City Guide map (highly recommend this app, it downloads a city once and then has fully available maps, tours, recommendations, GPS, etc. while offline).

I got a little sick of hearing, Sao Paulo has “the best…” or “the most…” or “the biggest…”, but when you have a city of 22 million people, the statistics are bound to start adding up. Here are just a few things we learned on tour yesterday. Sao Paulo is/has the…

  • 4th largest city in the world
  • Largest fleet of personal helicopters (470) in the world
  • 5th most skyscrapers (over 5,700)
  • 10th richest city, with nearly $400 billion in GDP purchase power
  • 6th most billionaires (21)
  • 4th most active on Twitter
  • Most Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris
  • Largest exporter of beef, chicken, coffee, tobacco, iron, steel, and more
  • 3rd largest airline manufacturer
  • Largest oil reserves (mostly offshore), producing 60 million barrels a day
  • First country to provide free Cancer and HIV/AIDS healthcare
  • Home to the 4th largest cathedral (Sao Paulo Cathedral, pictured above)
  • Home to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics

Would you like to know more?

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