How to Follow My Journey

Since (re)launching the blog, I’ve had a few requests to explain how one can easily keep up with my adventure. Although current blog posts are focused on basic info and planning, it will eventually evolve into my daily journal update to follow me real-time on the trail. My daily posts will follow a similar format as done by Jax Dad (who is finishing up the beautiful White Mountains as I write this). If you want to follow my journey closely, there are 3 ways you can subscribe to instant notifications:

Get an Instant Email
At the bottom of the blog, click the gray Follow button, fill in your email address and other basic info and submit.  Whenever I post a new entry you’ll get the full text as an email.

Subscribe via RSS Feed
For those of you using Feedly, DiggReader, NewsBlur, etc.  Or if you prefer to get RSS feeds on Microsoft Outlook at work like I do.  At the bottom of the blog, click the RSS-Posts link, then copy and paste the URL into your RSS feeder.  Whenever I post a new entry, it will go to your RSS feed.

Follow my YouTube Channel
I started doing vlog posts towards the end of my prep, and will continue to do “weekly recap” videos from the trail.  These will be published both on my YouTube Channel and individually to this blog.

Follow me on Facebook or Twitter
I set up my blog to auto-post to social media with any new entry.  Although my Facebook posts are private to friends and family, my Twitter account is public for all. Follow me on either, set up notifications as you prefer, and see my new entries as they are posted.

Follow with WordPress Reader
For those using WordPress themselves, there appears to be a new Reader feature that allows you to create an activity stream of blogs you follow.  I don’t know if anyone uses it, but here’s a link for more info.

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