Walt and Widmore

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Walt “Matthew Abaddon” Lloyd

Ok, this will be a long one… Many of you know I am a die-hard LOST fanatic.  Thanks to the wonders of LOSTpedia.com and losttvfans.com and multiple other fan sites … I actually enjoy reading up on the theories more than the show.  Yesterday’s episode featured Matthew Abaddon’s final demise (since that actor annoys me, I’m cool with that).  But in reading up later that night many theories point to Matthew actually being Walt as an adult.  Since Walt has played a pivotal role in every season finale, and Matthew clearly had a large stake in every character’s future, this seems too incredible to be true.  However, the guys at LOST have been throwing us curveballs for years, so who knows what they have up their sleeve.


Want another?  Try this on for size.  In 2007, Desmond and Pennie have a baby named Charlie.  If they make their way back to the island, I believe they die there (becoming Adam and Eve), and “Charlie” grows up during the 50’s on the island to become Charles Widmore.  Then, when he leaves the island he has a baby girl named Penelope … thus making Pennie not only his daughter but mother as well.  Whoa.  That’s deep.

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